The story of Weight Loss Twin, Jim Germanakos

George Germanakos, dad of the famous Weight Loss Twins,  used to often point out and tell his sons, "The only way to get something done is to get it started." Imagine how pleased and proud he would have been if he'd lived long enough to see his twin boys, Bill and Jim, diet and exercise their way to victory on series four of the enormously popular NBC weight-loss series The Biggest Loser. You'll be surprised to hear, it was not always exactly like that, though Jim Germanakos has always been a big fan of the tv show. Jim's a NY cop and a big family man. Up to two years before, when his shifts permitted he would sit on the settee before the television chewing away on high calorie comfort snacks, soaked up by the tales of the weight loss competitors, but not really concerned about his own 295lb ever expanding frame. However that was prior to his own "ahaa" time, before he was one half of the famous Weight Loss Twins.

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