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Yoga exercises have become a great way to treat various health conditions related to a stressful life style. To say the least, lots of people get to practice yoga out of the sheer desire to grow their spiritual side and get distracted from the very material grip of our reality. However, the preponderance of trainees who seek physical alleviation cannot be ignored; this is the case of people who suffer from sleep problems and don't manage to get a good night rest. How can yoga exercises help to treat insomnia? Yoga starts with relaxation, once you manage to relax and keep thoughts under control, sleeping comes naturally.

Breath control, muscular relaxation, neck stretches and shoulder movements are specific to the basic yoga exercises recommended for proper night rest. The health benefits of yoga remain the main elements to advertise on and attract people to join classes. Some think they'll get slimmer, others wish to grow muscular mass, and there are even some people who expect to increase their sexual performance by the practice of yoga exercises.

Nevertheless, this kind of perception of yoga exercises is very far from the origins of this art of body and spirit harmonious growth. Yoga requires inner as well as outer training although the latter is fully reflected and influenced by the former Thus, according to the original meaning of yoga exercises, the trainee that gets to discover the rich beauty of the inside will be free and at peace. Yoga exercises therefore represent the path to something nobler than the practical weight loss: spiritual freedom in its purest form.

Therefore, the yoga exercises we embrace so open-heartedly are just a lower, more accessible variant of the real yoga practice. This doesn't mean that all yoga practices follow this down-to-earth, immediately functional trend, but rather that it is more accessible for the average person to find a purpose and a meaning in this so-called art before attaining superior states of self-awareness. Therefore, the necessity of a good trainer as well as a relevant objective in the practice of the yoga exercises allow people to stay on the right track and prevent disillusionment as well as accidents.

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