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In the western perception, yoga practice represents a way to evade from the material, stressful rhythm of a daily life ruled by money. Thus, a yoga class can very well become an oasis of tranquility and peace, a refuge from the crazy rhythm of the day. People who do not have the time or the possibility to join a yoga group and attend it regularly, have other options to discover the principles of yoga, such as through a yoga DVD course. There are all sorts of DVDs available on the market addressing the different needs of people: there is yoga for beginners, yoga for traveling, yoga for pregnancy, yoga for good health, complete yoga workout, yoga for disease curing and many others.

Despite the advantages one cannot ignore the downside of a yoga DVD; to set things clear from the very beginning, the quality of the instructions in a video cannot compete with the superiority of face-to-face instructions. In direct sessions the instructor can point out and correct what you do wrong in a posture and you can get answers to the unclear things, whereas a DVD doesn't have exactly these benefits that result from direct interaction. Probably this is also the explanation for the basic knowledge level that can be reached with a yoga DVD; you'll learn about breathing techniques, meditation, relaxation and other sorts of beginner stuff.

It is not unusual to hear about injuries developed by people while practicing some posture with a yoga DVD. This is also the reason why experts do not recommend this kind of materials because of the risks careless practice poses to one's health. There is one category of yoga practitioners who really benefit from the use of a yoga DVD, and these are trainers, teachers and yoga interns. They have already reached a certain knowledge level and have a different way of grasping the instructions about some new yoga postures.

Last but not least, some trainers choose to use a yoga DVD as an education material for parts of their sessions, but the applications as such vary according to the structure of the course and the approach the instructor makes. If you have less than six months of yoga practice, then it is safer not to rely on a yoga DVD to work out exercises alone. Even between six months and a year, you may still experience difficulties when trying to apply one technique or another; therefore do not push your limits unwisely, and remember that yoga is about something else.

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