Fitness secrets for those over 40

You're 40 and it's really time to start paying close attention to your health. I'm sure you have heard yourself say that your knees hurt when ou climb stairs or you are out of shape. You may even have beenĀ  high cholestorol, or you could have high blood presure, diabetes or heart problems.

Well it's not too late to start impoving your health and to fight off those diseases that can plague you by starting to be aware of what you eat and to start exercising regularly. You should look into fitness programs that will strengthen your muscles, increase your physical fitness, support your joints and decrease any pain that you may experience. It's a sad fact that 60% of peopel in America are are not getting enough activity which amounts to more stress associated diseases such as heart disease, high blood presure, increased cholestorol and diabetes.

However, going to the gym may not be exactly where you should have to start. There are many other things you can be doing that will help your overal health. You can start walking briskly in your local mall or around your neigborhood, exercise on a bouncy ball, use the treadmill, go on bike rides with your children or even play the wii fit. Just as long as you are subjecting your body to frequent physical activities.

If you've waited this long to get fit be forwarned that it's not goign to be easy to get into a habit of eating better and exercises. That means you have to cut out the junk food and start adding vegetales, whole grains and fruit to your daily diet. If this is too difficult for you then you may want to look into hiring a nutritionist or even joining a program like which has helped millions of people. What's nice about that is you have an instant support group that you can share your experiences with.

So how much fruits and vegetables should you have? Well, it is recommended to have at least 5-7 servings a day of both fruits like apples bananas and oranges and vegetables. It's also very important for you to be drinking 8-10 glases of water a day. Also you need to work on decreases your white flour consumpution. Breads and pastas are to be kept at a minimum. Don't forget to exercise as this will increase your goal of becoming healthy and fit.

If you do choose to start a fitness program you want to make sure it consists of weight training and cardiovascular training. Some good exercises are running, swimming and bicycling. You can always mix it up and make it fun by inviting friends to work out with you. This will help you remain on track and give you someone to compete against if you choose to do so.

If you do choose to use a strength training program you want to make sure that you don't do strength training without a break in between. What that means is if you do strength training on aWednesday then you don't want do it again until Friday. This allows you body the adequate amount of time to recover. I recommend strength training as it can help your joints as well as reduce your body fat quicker.

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