Switching from Barbells to Dumbbells

I’ve always worked out with barbells and have felt very happy to lift so much weight. But a friend of mine recently convinced me to dump the barbells and focus soley on dumbbells. I thought to myself that he must be crazy. Dumbbells are for your arms, they are for shaping and toning but not for building lean muscle mass like I was after. But boy was I ever wrong. After just a few workouts I came to realize that working out with dumbbells is much more challenging then working out with barbells. Sure I can’t lift the same amount as I could with the barbell but I sure can feel the different in the way my muscles are being challenged, which only means that I’m headed for some big time gains. When you can challenge your muscles you are going to get some thickness on those muscles.

Here are five reasons that I feel you should be making the switch from barbells to dumbbells.

  1. By using dumbbells you are not going to hit that plateau that so many of us struggle with. The reason for this is you can use dumbbells in a multitude of ways, thus causing your muscles to not become bored and to continue to grow. You will continue to see results which will help keep you motivated.
  2. You may not believe this but you can actually do full body workouts with dumbbells. Most people think dumbbells are just for the arms but that is simply not true. You can execute all the exercises that you do with the barbell and because you are using a dumbbell you have to be even more precise to keep them even. This requires great strength and concentration.
  3. Dumbbells give you a broader range of motion. For example with a barbell while you are doing chest presses you can only go down so far. But with a dumbbell you can go down so much further and really stretch those muscles. By doing this you are ensuring that your muscles will get stronger because of the muscle fiber that is being used to perform this exercise.
  4. Balance is a very important part of becoming stronger and there is not better way to improve you balance than by using dumbbells. Dumbbells force you to keep your body stable while doing exercises. This ensures that all your muscles are being worked equally.
  5. The fifth reason that I believe dumbbells are a great alternative is because they are very practical. You don’t need a big space to store them and they don’t cost that much either. You can also use them just about anywhere. This gives you some variety which helps keep you motivated when working out.

I really think dumbbells will be a great workout for most people. I’ve even seen some dumbbells that you don’t even have to change the weights. All you do is adjust them by turning a knob and you are set to go. So get yourself some dumbbells and see what I’m talking about.

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