Namaste Yoga

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Namaste yoga is a style of yoga developed from the Hatha Vinyasa yoga practice. The meaning of the word namaste comes from the Indian greeting and it can be translated as follows: nama means bow, as it means I, and te means you; therefore namaste literally means I bow to you. The formula is equally used when meeting people or departing. In the case of Namaste yoga, breathing is very important; the breath is the guide and the body follows on the lines imposed by the breath. In order to perform Namaste, one places one's hands together in front of one's eyes, bowing the head, and afterwards the hands are brought down to the heart. The gesture expresses a profound form of respect. There is a slight difference in how the westerners perceive Namaste and how it perceived in India: westerners would speak the word Namaste while making the gesture we've explained, while for Indians the gesture suffices, and they don't utter the word when bowing.

Namaste yoga is often included in the practice of other yoga styles. The gesture namaste, the salute per se, is meant to enhance the divine love flow; bowing one's head and closing the eyes helps the mind surrender to the divine in the heart. Ideally, Namaste yoga is a popular practice that opens and ends a yoga session, but it is usually done before completing the work routine, because it is considered that the peace of mind and body is superior then, not to mention the higher level of positive energy in the room.

The core of Namaste yoga includes the principles of Gautama Buddha, biggest Indian guru and the founder of Buddhism. Therefore, as in the case of all styles of yoga, one most important fact should not be forgotten: it is a way of life, rather than some kind of sport to keep one in shape and flexible. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean that one cannot benefit from Namaste yoga from the physical fitness perspective alone, it only means that if one gets interested in Namaste yoga, one will get to learn more than just how to get in a great physical shape. The yoga instructor initiates Namaste as a token of respect and acknowledgment for the students, and in return launches the invitation to connect with their lineage starting the energy flow from their hearts. It is rather difficult to properly perform various yoga positions, it takes time until one is able to do them with minimal effort.

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