Very basic pilates exercises for beginners

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Physically active individuals willing to try pilates for the first time are excited to do the routines they have watched on TV shows or public advertisements. However, like any type of fitness program, some things are required that would help in doing the routines. It is necessary to wear comfortable and light clothing so you can easily move during the exercise. Purchase a good pilates mat that?s at least ? inch thick since it would serve as your cushion against the floor. Select a quiet place where you can do pilates exercise for beginners that would enable you to focus on to the routines. As soon as you have the equipment and selected a good location, try performing the pilates exercise for beginners: Warm Up ? Almost all exercises begins with a proper warm-up. Stretching is one way to warm up your body or jogging. In the case of pilates exercise for beginners, you can start the warm up by lying on your back. The most essential thing that you have to learn is the neutral position which is a must for all pilates exercise for beginners. The neutral position begins by raising your knees with hip width apart and holding for a few seconds. Then, you slowly bring down your back on the floor.

The Hundred This is the most fundamental pilates mat work that every beginner must do. The purpose of this exercise is to wake up the body and warm it up for complicated routines later. Just lie on your back and bring your knees to your chest. Remember to curl your head and shoulders as you lift them up from the mat. Then, try to reach your legs which are bended at 90 degrees. The arms should move upward and downward while breathing for five counts. Continue repeating for ten breaths. Perform ten times.

The Roll Up - First, lie down on your back. Raise your arms to the ceiling and slowly go all the way up. Always curl your head and shoulders as you roll your way up bringing your head towards your knees.Then, slowly roll back to your original position and lie down with your arms reaching out.

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