Types of Tantra yoga

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So far, Tantra yoga has been the most misunderstood type of yoga practiced in the western world. In its purest manifestation, Tantra yoga grew out of the ancient Indian culture and it aimed at helping people reach the form of non-duality along the most sacred of paths. The present-day sexual concept of Tantra yoga is in fact a defilement of the sacred essence of the practice that results from the mis-translation of some Indian texts by people with little experience in the domain. The difficulty came from the abundance of metaphors used in Tantra yoga teachings particularly owing to the fact that they described experiences that had to be experienced individually as consciousness forms.

Tantra yoga insists on the heart focus and the perception of the world through the experience of love and harmony that are also common concepts to taoist Chinese philosophy and to the biblical texts. Various divisions can be identified within Tantra yoga too, and this is obvious in the Tibetan Tantra yoga school and its teaching. In Tibet, the practice of Tantra yoga grew only in the monastic environment most of the time and it got to be explained on paper in very much the way it was expressed in speech.

Tantra yoga advocates that the path to be followed is that which combines the love-heart, the will-hand and the wisdom-head in one harmonious whole. It all starts with love and the practice of Tantra yoga stresses the importance of the becoming process rather than the achievement of the goal. The sexual connotations added to Tantra yoga represent a corruption of the pure practice thus, instead of the balancing of the yin and yang within each of us, Tantra yoga is believed to seek the union with another person.

You should choose guidance in the secrets of Tantra yoga very cautiously since lots of so-called yoga masters are far from being accomplished in the practice. According to tradition, only one who has gone a long way on the path to spiritual awakening can reveal the secrets and instruct a trainee. In terms of overall goal, like the art of yoga in general, Tantra aims at the spiritual awakening of any being and the fulfillment that comes from enjoying liberation at all levels of existence.

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