The benefits of aerobics and walking

Are you looking for a good way to burn calories so you can lose some of that fat you have accumulated over the years? If so then let me introduce you to walking. Walking has been known to help burn fat as well as many other things. Many doctors will often recommend brisk walking for their patients.

If you are in the class of being obese or becoming obese then you should know that this will bring some unhealthy conditions to your body. The body has trouble both internally and externally. If you are obese you also risk your physical appearance such as looking older than you really are. If you really want to look younger, feel better and live longer than you need to think about ways you can lose those extra pounds. Aerobic workouts are essential in winning this battle.

Some great aerobic exercises to try are riding your bicycle, taking a swim in the pool and running at the park or in your neighborhood. Aerobic exercises are referred to as cardio exercises. What this means is they are usually free hand movements that do not require and type of weights.

However it can be good to combine both aerobics and weight training and many people do this. By doing this you increase your chances of burning even more calories which in turn leads to less fat. Most trainers will recommend a balanced exercise program that includes both of these methods.

We know that fat is much thicker than carbs which means that it takes more oxygen to burn. While you are walking briskly you are supplying more oxygen to your muscles. Because of this we can say that you will burn fat at a much higher percentage when you are doing aerobic exercises than when you are doing simply weight exercises. When you are doing weight exercises you are more likely to burn more carbohydrates than fat.

Again, if you combine both weight training and aerobics like walking, running and bicycling you are going to burn the most amount of fat possible. This is also a very inexpensive way to workout. During these difficult times, it’s good to know that we can still stay healthy without breaking the bank account.

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