Lose weight with the Wii Fit

I never thought I would be saying this but I'm going to encourage you and your kids to start playing video games. Yes that's right video games can make you thin. You think I'm crazy don't you? Well, I'm not talking about any video games. I'm not talking about the games that you sit around with a controller in your hand and stare aimlessly at the television. I'm talking about a very new and exciting game called the wii and it's game the wii fit.

The WiiFit is a new game that operates on the Nintendo Wii gaming platform. If you don't know what that is you should check it out on youtube because it's pretty amazing. The Wii is unlike any other game and it's not a game that you just sit around and stare and the T.V. with a controller in your hand. It's a game that encourages you to interact with the game. Take the WiiFit for instance. This unique technology actually uses games to help you get fit. It comes with a balance board that you stand on and it measures your BMI and your weight. It then will keep track of how much weight you are losing and all you have to do is participate in the games. Some of the games are skiing, soccer goalie, hoola hoop, jogging and more. They also have included your traditional yoga and strength training exercises. The WiiFit really is a fun way to lose weight and it's fun for thd whole family.

The Advantage: Lots of folks say Wii has encouraged them to try things they'd have never tried without it. These games are easy to play and you can stay at home. The WiiFit can actually inspire folks to try the real thing after playing the game. Games are fun. To play a game you are more likely to get up from your easy chair that to go out to work out.

The WiiFit has many advantages that have helped it become one of the top selling games today. With the WiiFit you can exercise in the comfort of your own home, you can have fun while exercising and even get the entire family involved. It also gets you motivated and you will soon have the feeling of doing non-WiiFit exercises. It's one of the greatest things to come along to help you and your family get fit and healthy.

If there is a downside to the WiiFit it's that it doesn't have a real person training you. It's simulated and although it does a good job it can never replace a real person. Someone that is in poor physical shape should consult a doctor when using the WiiFit. The WiiFit may also not be enough all by itself to enable you to lose all the weight you want but it's a start.

So if you are looking to have some fun while losing a little weight and getting back in to the swing of exercise I really encourage you to try the WiiFit.

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