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Anyone joining a yoga class for the first time is impressed by the large number of yoga poses needed for the beginning level alone. Surely, things are taken progressively, with the instructor starting by naming the yoga poses and explaining them one by one while also giving a personal example. The benefits that result from the full practice are manifold, from health improvement and body mobility to superior stress management and the ability to control and understand the inner workings of the self. Yoga gives offers many rewards when practiced on a constant basis, particularly if it implies a balance not only over the body but over the mind in particular.

Another name for the yoga poses is asanas, and each of them has a physical and mental dimension to it. Instructions for the execution of various yoga poses are given in books, e-guides, on Internet sites and magazines. Asanas work for almost all the body parts, and usually the trainer will indicate the most intense point of physical stress. For further clarification consider the fact that depending on the yoga variant practiced, the performance of the asanas varies, given the fact that some yoga schools have created their own specific postures.

Besides the physical capacity to perform yoga poses, one also needs to grow the balance and the concentration ability, since the physical is just one side of the practice that gets complete by the spiritual dimension only. By the breathing and relaxation techniques you'll learn how to ignore the difficulty of a posture as well as the disturbing elements in the background. Once you get into the yoga poses, it is important to maintain them for a specific period of time.

The practice of yoga poses in the absence of professional guidance and help could turn into a threat to the practitioner's physical and spiritual health and could result in injuries. Therefore, starting yoga practice with the instructions from books or Internet sites is dangerous and should therefore be avoided. Beginners have to be under the direct guidance of a trainer, with the mention that the beginner stage can often extend way beyond a year of practice. The complexity of the yoga poses will increase with every advance you make on the way, but progress is usually slow as one learns to push the limits of body and mind.

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