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As an ancient form of exercise, yoga uses certain postures combined with a series of specific breathing techniques in order to improve physical and emotional health. There is a great variety of yoga techniques which are practiced nowadays. It depends on every person who practices yoga to choose what yoga techniques work best in order to take the journey towards health of mind and body. The difference between the yoga techniques usually lies in the yoga positions, or, as they are called in the yoga lingo, the asanas. That is why one needs a yoga instructor to guide them through different yoga techniques in order to make sure that they are done in a correct and safe manner.

The ways to approach the yoga techniques differ, and some trainees choose to go to yoga classes and try different styles, while others search on the Internet to identify postures, health benefits and even risks. For yoga practice at home, there are lots of DVDs and videos which teach yoga, and it is sometimes more affordable and money-wise than going to take different classes.

Here are the common yoga techniques variants available with most styles. These are: total relaxation and meditation, proper joint movement, proper posture and correct breathing. It is commonly believed that with a combined practice of the five yoga techniques, an improvement in body and mind evolution is achieved. You can perform yoga while sitting, standing or lying. Furthermore, there are different difficulty degrees in performing yoga techniques, and they have to be adapted to the level of yoga knowledge of the apprentice.

The five standards exemplified above represent the basis for more advanced yoga techniques performed by masters and gurus with a superior knowledge level. For example, Hong-Sau represents a technique that stresses out the use of the inner capacity of concentration in order to overcome all the surrounding distractions when focusing on a specific target. Aum is another yoga technique; its aim is to extend one's awareness beyond the common human awareness. Nevertheless, such superior yoga techniques can be gradually reached or approached by anyone who makes progress with the practice.
Overall, yoga techniques of any kind significantly contribute to health improvement. Those who practice yoga consistently claim to have increased self-awareness, flexibility, overall body energy and the mental power.

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