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Weight lifting is a sport to check the strength and resistance apart this it is a strategy to enhance the resistance and size of the muscles. Weight lifting involve the appliance of assorted apparatus to boost the focused muscle groups and the type of equipment used are dumbbells, weighted bars, weight stacks and kettle bells although, the weight lifting is totally different from body building and weight coaching so it form a vital component of any well rounded fitness routine.

Weight lifting isn't an easy task that after you it is done. Weight lifting needs plenty of patience and power with correct rest and diet to become a professional. To be a weight one should follow a weight lifting programs.

Start your weight lifting program with the exercise of chest, shoulder and triceps such that all the exercise should be completed on the same day. It is going to be good for the body if you can complete the scheduled task on the same day and if not, the alternate methodology is to chest exercise on Mon. and do the leftover other two exercise on the next day. This is a common weight lifting program practiced by lot of professional.

Many professional like to do their weight lifting on alternate day, which implies they workout on Mon. and take rest on Tuesday and so on. This type of program gives a proper rest, the weight lifter regains the strength to workout more with complete energy.

There are many books available in market about weight lifting program so one can refer to those books to help plan a program to suit your needs.

Nothing is too difficult for a person who is interested and dedicated, the only thing to remember is to be patience because results don't happen over night.

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