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Pure Fitness Gym is a company that operates various gym in California. The gym has four branches: one in downtown San Diego, another in El Cajon, another in Bonita, and finally in Carlsbad. It was built in 1992 and has developed to be one of the most developed on San Diego County. If you are interested in knowing more about this fitness center, then here are a few important details about Pure Fitness Gym.

Cardio machines is one of the most essential workout equipment in any gym and Pure Fitness Gym has the latest cardio machines available today such as upright/recumbent bicycles, upper body ergometers, concept rowers, step-mills, elliptical cross trainers, and of course, treadmills. Through this you can stay fit and shed some pounds the using the method of your own choosing. Another offering of Pure Fitness Gym is their customized spin studio. The gym provides spinning classes that will help people reduce extra weight, tone their muscles, and reduce stress.

Pure Fitness Gym has four major exercise programs: resistance, swimming, basketball, and group. The resistance training will develop your body's fat burning mechanism and showcases San Diego County's biggest circuit training area, which is inclusive of a 1,500 square foot women's only area. The swimming program on the other hand will allow you to improve your cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength using the gym's outdoor junior Olympic size pool that is kept at 78 degrees. You can also play basketball games on the gym's full-sized basketball court. Lastly, you can participate in various group fitness programs such as Self Defense, Yoga, Pilates, Fitball, Bosu, Spin, and Muscle Pump.

Another offering in Pure Fitness Gym is personal training. Personal training is a customized program that will allow you to understand the suitable techniques of working out and reach your objectives faster with a nationally certified training staff. The proper techniques will help you maximize the results of your training and reduce the risk of injury. This training program will also help you lessen the aches and pain that you experience after exercising so that you can enjoy your life more outside of the gym. You may also get professional diet service from the gym's clinically certified nutritionist to help you supplement your workouts so that they will not be for nothing.

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