Understanding Step Aerobics

Aerobics have different types and forms. They can be defined or identified by the equipment used in the aerobic routine. Step aerobics use an elevated platform called the step bench. The elevated bench is usually about four to ten inches high. With step aerobics, the higher the elevation, the more endurance needed. Step aerobics is usually performed with music that has beat ranging from 125 to 140 beats per minute.

Step aerobics started as an extension of floor workouts when it was developed during late'80s. This kind of workout uses the basic step which means that a foot is stepped on the bench and followed by the other foot. The first foot will come down, followed by the second one. This is called the "basic step." There are different steps used with this kind of exercise. Some of these common moves are the corner knee, repeater knee, T-step, over-the-top, lunges, v-step, straddle down, L-step, split step and the I-step.

Step aerobics can be both performed in fitness centers and in homes. There are elevated benches which can be both in different fitness stores and at the same CDs and DVDs with different routines. When Jane Fonda released copies of her aerobic routines in the

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