Resistance Training Programs For Better Bodies And Good Health

Now, people have become more conscious of their bodies as they pursue different exercise programs that could hopefully get them in shape. It is not surprising to see different types of exercises such as belly dancing or pole dancing taught nowadays. Yet, people can also choose resistance training programs that are easy to do and requires less equipment to perform. Typically, resistance training programs makes the muscles contract to be able to support or lift a weight, or a resisting force from an object. The load may come in the form of free weights like dumb bells or metal plates.

Elastic bands are very useful for resistance training programs because it promotes strength as well as flexibility. A lot of people that try resistance training programs have two main goals - build strength and tone muscles. Regrettably, many people lack information about the value of resistance training when it comes to conditioning the heart. One must learn that the routines used can be as rigorous as cardio exercises, not static at all. By doing so, the heart's rate is constant which makes resistance training programs ideal cardiovascular workout. Check the following resistance training programs that target lower and upper body:

Core exercises- Having a strong midsection is crucial for athletic people because the torso supports major upper body movements. Let's take the case of tennis players who use their strong arms for hitting; however, much power can be delivered if they swing and use their midsection. A strong core definitely enhances performance in any physical activity and prevents back injuries. Among the upper body exercises for resistance training programs are:

Barbell Presses
Incline Bench Presses
Lat Pull Downs
Push Ups
Plank exercises

Lower body -
Balance is also important when aiming for total fitness; hence, the lower body can also be developed using resistance training programs. Elastic bands or dumb bells are good choices when doing the following:

Hip adduction
Leg extensions
Calf raises

If you dream of toned arms, biceps and triceps, try using elastic bands for a change. Using Swiss ball for pushups can also challenge the body by adding resistance since the ball is unstable. Anyone starting with a new routine should use lighter resistance at the start to execute proper form when exercising. After a few sessions, extra resistance can be added since you have already grown strong.

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Influencing Your Bench Press Exercises With Bench Press Weights

April 13, 2012 by  
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Mostly, bench press is a workout intended to strengthen the pectoralis, triceps and deltoids. These bench press equipments have several other weights to take priority of . Before you begin in any bench press weights, you would be able to know the different bench press weights. Injury would be possible if you are not very careful. Before you decide on any work out, you have to know what you're doing .

It takes a lot of work and time to carry on with your bench press weights effectively . You need to be willing to do the work . Approaches on the grip of bench press weights differ . Outer chest and shoulders benefit best from the wide grip . By then, the close grip works for the inner chest and triceps. For you to feel its effect, take slow measures when taking on weights . Barbell and dumbbells work for slow-paced movements .

Having a fast pattern on bench press weights makes the form lost and will provide you of negative repetitions as well . Lowering of the weight is known as the negative part of the rep and your focus needs to be on the full repetition and not just pushing the weight up .

Basically, you have flat, decline and incline as the three bench positions. In this way you will hit the chest at different angles . When you bench press weights, it?s possible for you to gain, lose or maintain a muscle . Factors that affect the outcome are the repetitions, sets and weight. Frequent bench press weight workouts at the beginner level often ends up with over-training and muscle exhaustion .

At this stage, you may want to stimulate your muscle with ten to twelve repetitions without completely exhausting the muscles . Once this has been no longer effective, you can revise the workout by adding one weight gradually one day at a time on your weight training schedule.

The time will come where it will be easy for you to lift the previous weights once you have adapted the increase gradually. Within the course of your training, you can add a few more weights on your training schedule . A lot of people may disagree with this and stay on a 5-day a week schedule but this has been tested by Eastern European Lifters who dominated the scene for decades .

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Incline Bench Press Uses

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Bench press are known to a lot of people. Although flat benching forms are the core of most good chest routines, it is often done second after an incline press .

Incline bench press are best worked out for the upper chest region. The mid and lower chest regions are more muscular than the upper chest regions in general. The chest particularly is stubborn that's why it needs to have a special focus . Ideally, the incline bench press should have an angle of 30 degrees before you start on your routine exercise . Going higher will continue to take the pectorals out of the equation . The higher your incline bench press is, the more it will concentrate on the shoulder, the same to that of military press .

The flat bench press has more capability of providing you to press with weights compare to incline bench press . A platform or a stable surface will do to put your feet up. To keep the focus on the pectorals, your upper arms should have a 45 - 90 degrees angle on this workout . However, this position can also cause shoulder strain for some . In cases of pain, you can lessen the angle .

Adjust the seat on your incline bench press so that you are seated comfortably on the incline bench . Put on a correct weight load on the bar to complete 12 repetitions in 3 sets. If this is the first time for you to be doing the bench press, there should be a weight interval of 10 lbs .

Keep your elbows stacked directly under your wrist and your forearms perpendicular to the floor on an incline bench press . The descending action should always be within your control. Touch your outer chest with the inside edge of the dumbbells at the bottom, pushing the weights upward .

There are dumbbells, barbells but there is also smith machine from incline bench press . This machine looks like a squat rack but has a barbell attached to two vertical poles. In cases that you need assistance in one of the equipments, help should be on the ready.

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